RT 700 / 1000  –  RTL 700 / 1000

The wide reputation APN-ALPA has gained all over the world as manufacturere of surface grinders, is mainly due to the popularity of these two models, wich enjoy a success earned over decades of experience, research and developmente. Desing structure include such exclusive features as the hydrolift to cross slideaways and the external location of the hydraulic and electric unit; the wheelhead traversing system is arranged to ensure the necessary rigidity in all the positions and to provide absolute sensivity. The longitudinal traverse of table, the cross slide traverse anche the wheelhead downfeed are completely automatic. A wide range of ancillary equipements is available on request: wheel turning and forming devices, vertical grinding attachments (see specific catalogue), swaft separators, manetic chuck, automatic cycle attachments. Model RT 1000 and RTL 1000 differ from models RT 700 and RTL 700 for table lenght. Furthermore, in order to guarantee a better stability, the cross slide has been equipped with two more flat slideaways with hydrolift.
The surface grinding machines model ALPA RT 700 – RTL 700/RT 1000 – RTL 1000 are the ideal solution both for productione grinding of small pieces and for the toolroom, where a medium size high precision machine is requested.

Models RT 700 – RT 1000 are especially suitable for the followig categories of endusers:
 machine tools manufacturers;
 profile grinding;
 precision mechanics;
 production of medium size parts

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