RTC 300-500-750-1000

The RTC 500/700 Rotary table surface grinder has been designed to achieve maximum  output within close limits of parallelism, flatness and surface finish. This machine is ideally suitable for ring grinding and the fast accurate production of small components in batches.An important feature is that having set the optimum table speed, this is automatically varied progressively as the cross slide moves towards and away from the grinding wheel. This means that the number of revolutions per minute will remain constant from the edge of the rotary table to its centre. The value of this feature lies in its ability to produce surfaces of mirror finish. A static electronic equipment controls table speed. An automatic downfeed of wheelhead applied at every cross slide reversal is also provided. A distinctive feature of model RTCI lies in the rotary chuck, which can be tilted ± 10° forward or toward the upright for accurate resharpening of cutting edges of saws, cutters and similar tools. Optional equipment includes: headmounted straight wheel forming attachment, power rise and fall to wheelhead, wet grinding equipment, electromagnetic and permanent magnetic chucks 500 mm and 700 mm dia., automatic grinding cycle equipment, electronic dial gauge.

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